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Yesterday we got a message from Huwaida Arraf about a Canadian writer and social justice activist Jaggi 
Singh refused entry into Israel (see below). 

Today the case is appealed in the Tel-Aviv District Court [corner Weitzman/Shaul Hamelech] which will 
hear it THIS EVENING  at 8.30 pm. 
The judge is Uzi Fogelman, and it will be on the 4th floor) 

But, please - who reads this in time, and can make it - come. 
And if that is impossible -for reasons of time or place - you can write what you think about it to the 
Canadian Embassy in Israel  <taviv at dfait-maeci.gc.ca> and/or to the Israeli Embassy in your 
environment. Look at: http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfa/go.asp?MFAH010m0 for the E-mail Addresses of Israeli 
Embassies and Consulates Abroad provided on the Israeli government site.

For more details: Adv. Shammai Leibovitz 064-414505

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Friends, please do write and call regarding this case below for although the embassies take the lin
e that 
"Israel is a sovereign country that has a right to deny entry to whomever it wants", Israel has a r
ecord of 
doing this to innocent people and especially writers and human rights workers. If our respective 
countries continue to maintain that they are unable to do anything to help their citizens travel to
then we must demand that diplomatic relations between our countries and Israel must suffer. Our 
governments need to be pressured to threaten Israel withdenial ofentry to our countries ofIsrael
citizens! And in the case of governments thathand over a large amountof its citizens' tax dollar
s to 
Israel, we must demand a stop to this.Think about raising some of the above points as you 
write/callconcerning Canadian citizen, Jaggi, currently beingheld / denied entry. Information be

Please do not let this <

Montreal. December 14, 2002 -- Jaggi Singh, a Montreal-based writer and social justice activist, ha
been denied entry into Tel Aviv. He flew out of Montreal last night and arrived in Tel Aviv today a
around 6:30 PM local time (11:30 AM EST). 
He was stopped at customs and questioned for several hours before being refused by 
Israeli officials. Jaggi is refusing to leave Tel Aviv voluntarily. He was able to 
contact the Canadian consulate, who then informed his contact-people in Montreal 
that Israeli authorities had refused him entry for "security reasons." Jaggi is now in 
detention, and lawyers in Tel Aviv have been contacted on his behalf.

Jaggi was travelling to the occupied territories to write about the realities of the 
Israeli occupation of Palestine. Jaggi is well known in Canada and abroad for 
speaking out against injustice in the many forms it takes.

You can pressure the Canadian embassy in Tel Aviv

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